Windsong Farm

Welcome to Windsong Farm Golf Club

18 Golf Walk, Independence, MN 55359

About Windsong

Windsong Farm offers an experience for its members unlike any club in the Midwest. There is no pool, no tennis court; it is just golf at its purest. By design, the focus on golf and the unmatched casual atmosphere creates a member experience that sets Windsong Farm apart.


At Windsong Farm, traditions have grown naturally out of the clear vision that has formed the club from its very beginning:

  • Respect for the game and its history.
  • An unyielding commitment to a world-class, exceptionally maintained golf course.
  • An emphasis on a casual, laid-back atmosphere.
  • A pledge to give something back to the game by hosting junior, amateur and collegiate events.

The Land

It is not hard to see why Windsong Farm is consistently rated among Minnesota’s top golf courses, and also nationally recognized as one of the top modern courses in the nation. With recent course improvements, pioneered by original course architect John Fought and Minnesota’s own Tom Lehman, Windsong’s golf course will offer ample challenges and enjoyment to golfers of all skill levels. Windsong’s breathtaking views and unmatched course conditions contribute to the ultimate golfing experience.


Since its inception in 2013 The Murphy House has been a staple at Windsong Farm. Only available to golf members and their guests, this unique getaway on property allows you to truly relax, unwind, and enjoy the beauty of Windsong.

The home has two floors and eight individual beds. With two separate living spaces you can stay upstairs, downstairs, or reserve the entire house.

Maybe it’s the two fireplaces, the private putting green, or the luxury interior; one thing is for sure, you will want to come back again and again.


Join us in one of the most unique clubs in the country. Windsong Farm is a private golf club offering a classically designed, superbly maintained golf course in a friendly atmosphere. We love the game of golf and we honor and respect its traditions, heritage, and history.


Our course is one of the top-rated modern classic courses in the country and we have much more to offer than just world class golf: Reflect on your round by the bonfire, or in the elegantly understated clubhouse, or enjoy a stay at the Murphy House to enhance your day and solidify your new memories. Windsong offers Full, Legacy, Associate, and National Golf Memberships.


Understated in ego, yet ready to go against any other course you've ever played, Windsong Farm is ready for your best. With tees pushing 7600 yards from the back, your best just might not be good enough. Enjoy your walk.


In the fall of 2018, Windsong Farm was excited to break ground on a massive practice facility renovation. All projects here at Windsong Farm start by asking one simple question: does this enhance the member experience? The new practice facility does indeed.


At Windsong Farm we have always worked toward culinary excellence. Whether you are just making the turn or joining us with guests for dinner, we are sure your experience will stick with you long after you leave.


Windsong Farm's member events are truly special. From the "Paso Fino", our three-day Member/Guest, to the "Legacy Event" celebrating family golf, our events are thoughtfully planned and of the highest quality.


Only available to Windsong Golf Members and their guests, the Murphy House is the perfect overnight getaway set in the heart of Windsong property.


Luke Elfner is The Director of Instruction at Windsong Farm Golf Club entering his 10th year. Luke is a Class A golf professional and PGA Certified in Teaching and Coaching. Luke is also a TPI Level 3 Certified Junior coach and a TPI Level 3 Golf Coach. Luke specializes in the fitness of golf along with mental training and tournament preparation and is Level 2 TrackMan Certified.

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