Woodhill Country Club

Welcome to Woodhill Country Club

200 Woodhill Rd, Wayzata, MN 55391

Guest Information

Dress Code

Appropriate attire is required at all times. Please ensure that all guests are familiar with our policies including dress code and cell phone usage.

Inappropriate dress includes blue jeans, sweats, cargo shorts/pants, cut-offs, short shorts, spandex, t-shirts, tank tops, jerseys and the like.

You will be asked to change clothes or purchase appropriate clothing in the golf or tennis shop if clothing does not follow club policy.


Day: Golf, tennis and casual attire is acceptable (see inappropriate dress above). Golf shoes are allowed only in the locker rooms of the Clubhouse, the Porch and Bar Terrace.

Women/Girls: Neatly pressed/fitted pants, dresses or skirts of appropriate length with appropriate tops.

Men/Boys: Neatly pressed/fitted pants or shorts with appropriate collared dress shirt, polo shirt, sweater, or sport coat. Shirts with tails are to be tucked in.

Evening: Men are required to wear long pants and collars inside the upstairs main level.


Men: Collar shirts, tucked in, with sleeves. Properly fitted pants or shorts. 

Women: Golf shirts with or without collars. Properly fitted pants, skirts or shorts (no shorter than length of fingertips). Soft spiked golf shoes or athletic shoes with rubber soles - Hats are to be worn forward and removed when entering the Clubhouse with the exception of going to and from the locker rooms. 


Predominately white attire (no more than 10% color). Appropriate tennis clothes, including tennis shoes, collared shirt (men) and shorts/skirts or tennis dresses. Proper flat-soled shoes are required on all surfaces. Running shoes may not be worn since they damage the court surface.


Casual attire is appropriate (see inappropriate dress above). Bathing suits are restricted to the pool area. Cover-ups, shirts, and shoes are required coming to and from the parking area and dining on the lawn.


Outdoor attire (such as skating, sledding, platform tennis) is acceptable. Blue jeans in good condition are acceptable.

Electronic Device / Cell Phone Policy

Electronic Device/Cell Phone Policy

All electronic devices must be kept in "silent" mode at all times in all areas of the Club and grounds and use for communication purposes is prohibited.

Verbal communications, emailing, texting, watching video or playing video games on any device is prohibited at all times with the exception of the parking lot while inside your car; and near the elevator lobby on the main floor.

Using reading features on an electronic device for news, magazines, and books is permitted at the pool and tennis areas.

Taking photographs with an electronic device and viewing or showing photos to others is permitted on Club grounds.

Social Media Policy

When posting photographs to social media please refrain from naming the Club or its location: this includes using a hashtag (#) or 'at' (@) with the Club's name in the comment field on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and any others. Please select "No Location" or disable the "Location" services from your phone or other devices when posting photos on social media or public websites.


In 1994, Woodhill Country Club became the 3rd private club in the State of Minnesota and the 32nd in the world to become a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.

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