Meet The Author - Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka

Meet The Author - Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka

December 5th is a Tuesday with unseasonably warm temperatures allowing shoppers around Wayzata Bay (and Lake Street), a little X-tra time to bustle during the 2023 Christmas Season. Our table is set, and The CōV is 100% READY! I take the last minutes to review all the questions I wanna ask, I don't want to miss ANYTHING!

"Ok, I am ready!" ...and anxiously awaiting to see my VERY special Guest to appear, one of Lake Minnetonka's GREATEST Authors is about to walk through those doors! Enter, Melinda Nelson...

It's been only a few weeks since my initial outreach to Melina here on LinkedIn, and it's through this SM platform that I was able to land THIS private-appointment on this Author's/Marketing Expert's/Luxury Designer's, busy, busy schedule. What a BLESSING!!!

My new friend arrives, and she's a beautiful smile on her face! She clearly very Fit and you can hear throughout all her stories that she is really enjoying life; she absolutely glows! During this initial engagement, she'll add reference to promote her healthy lifestyle, checkout 'The Marsh'!

Well! A photo has to be taken immediately before we engage in a little holiday lunch of flatbread and french dip. Lest we forget, which I know I would have, because I lost track of time; a 2.5-hr lunch seemed like 'maybe' 20 minutes to me. What did Melinda think?!?! Like this guy talks SO (where's the triple underline here) much!

Melinda's professionalism over marketing instantly kicks in, she does a quick shuffle to stage and promote! In steps Lucas! He kindly snapped our 'Hollywood' moment! We look GOOD! ...and there's that gorgeous book Melinda wrote! I am very proud here, my effort of quick shuffle to promote my friends great accomplishment :)


Let's jump right into it, 'Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka'! It's a GORGEOUS 2017 Hardcover Coffee-table book, Authored by Melinda herself! With over 246-pages of award-winning writing, the carefully selected words that spell years of study, subject matter expertise and accomplishment!

The accounts taken from the hours Melinda's sat with the owners of these glorious boathouses and the 125-miles of Lake Minnetonka's lake-shore that Host them: 1/3 are works of art, another third, historical! But the last ~1/3 just seem like fabulous Mini-homes; all are your initial 'welcoming' of what Luxury truly lies behind them in background. (Another story maybe we'll get outta Melinda, future-state.)

While the accounts in words and photos properly document Lake Minnetonka's boathouse treasures, today, and just within the past ~6 short years, many of these affluent 'welcome signs' have already disappeared. So now Melinda's unknowingly also authored a great History Book. But, In parallel and with heavy heart, I've also learnt of a friend, a former attorney and Real Estate client I have, has now passed...

Brian's 6 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, 6,060 TFSF Home is still remains on Smithtown Bay, but both he and his wife Mary Ann have now relocated to their 'Forever Home', and I guarantee you that with the generosity known as Brian's heart, God's provided both he and Mary, an even larger Custom Home with driveway of gold! ...and with Brian's LOVE of Lake Minnetonka, its 100% likely God's also provided him a gorgeous new boathouse that one day will make Melinda's exceptional 'Boathouse' book, Part II!

When I met with Brian back on 1/27/2023 for the first time, we networked, discussed life growing up, bonds with similar people we'd both known, including, Pastors Mack and Lynn, and also Education. Brian's Professional passion was helping regular people seek justice, but as a true philanthropist, he also supported many Christian Faith foundations, ensuring they were properly supported. So naturally, bigger brother to littler one, we also reminisced about how good God had/has been to us and how he'd/he's BLESSED us both.

A 30-minute home tour followed and then the topic quickly switched into how I would prepare his Excelsior home for Sale, with the discussion of the adjacent additional ~1-acre behind it. "Zane, I want to Sell through a believer!"

As I left Brian's home that January day, he'd caution me about backing down his driveway, wanted to make sure I didn't damage my Maserati. You see, he had a steep, wood lined driveway, but he was not concerned about about his trees, it was me he was concerned about. Brian cared for everyone, even in the simplest of instances and of dialog.

"Zane, I'm leaving next week, heading to Malibu to see my daughter (Elise)." ...and then a few minutes later, '...also to have a very experimental/aggressive Cancer Treatment. I'll be back soon, we'll connect...'

That would be the last time I heard from my friend/client/Brian. It wasn't until connecting with Melinda 11/14 for the first time, that I found my friend had suddenly permanently Moved, His Going Home Celebration held 8/18/2023.

Because of the Gift Melinda's provided to the world, the memory of Brian (and Mary) Lives on, page #22 through #27. "...We hope our boathouse will long remain a place of healing, rest and beauty." - Brian

If you would like a book, call Zane @ 763.843.2905 and I'll be happy bring you one!

Melinda, thank you for making the time, for your kindness and for this Gift to the world, 'Boathouses of Lake Minnetonka'. ...and as you stated to me in our last text, "I TOO look forward to seeing you again soon!" Sincerely, Zane

Also Available from the Melinda Nelson Archive - The Insider's Guide To Lake Minnetonka.


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